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Oeps! I hope I am not interrupting Balenciaga Replica Handbags. She has organized a splendid tea party and decorated with the charm of the English tradition. And of course; blended with Mulberry creativities. Meet her little friends; Parson Jack Russel, A Patterdale Terrier, Ms. Pelican, Cute little pony and two talk-too-much cockatoos.

Background inspired by the eighteenth century in a beautiful English country house, so amazing that baflowers started to grow all over the house. Perhaps it’s just a garden house.

Now like always, you can’t start a Mulberry ad campaign without the iconic Hermes Replica Bags. For the Spring Summer 2014 collection, marry it with an innocent white dress and a pair of high-heels Sandals.

A new summer means new colors; here is a first look at the new orange Bayswater tote bag. And don’t miss the Kensal boxy clutch in small size, carried by Cara and wearing a pretty floral coat.

This is the Balenciaga Spring Summer 2014 ad campaign featuring Cara Delevingne. The new collection will be available soon.