Best Fendi Replica Bags | Replica Prada Handbags Selling Guide

The fashion house shows us their F/W collection when we are in the middle of the summer. And they announce their S/S collection when Christmas is nearby. And of course, there’s also the pre-collection. So in the spirit of buy now and wear later, we present to you the Fendi Replica Bags Spring Summer 2014 Collection and specifically pointing our finger to the beautiful flower petal and the iPhone case.

Fendi calls them straightforward: ‘the Petal in Flowers’. They are tiny, see it as a pouch or a large wallet with chains, but then brilliantly decorated with cute spring flowers. Oh and yes, the straps are removable, you can change it into an evening bag anytime. Besides the series of beautiful colors that you can choose, the bags also come in two different materials. You can pick between rubber or in deerskin. What suprises me is that the prices doesn’t differ much, the rubber version cost $1,250 USD and you can walk away in deerskin for $1,495. But at the end, it’s the shade you should go after, rubber gives a more brighter look than deerskin.

For the ultimate match, Replica Prada Handbags went even further. Pretty-up your iPhone with the brand-new cases in flowers. And just like the petals, you can find yourself overwhelmed by the amazing colors, which actually only makes it more difficult to choose. Each iPhone has exactly 7 flowers attach on the back. At Fendi for $375.

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